Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back to the Motherland

First of all, thanks to all of you who have followed this blog in the past regarding the various adventures that am lucky to be a part of. I was among the fortunate 20 people in Louisiana to be selected for the Louisiana Effective Leaders Program, which is a collaboration between the Southern University School of Business and the Duke University Center for Leadership and Public Values. I started this program last June, and it has truly been a life and career changing experience. I have learned a totally new way of approaching leadership, coulped with my personality and the skill set that I already pssess. I have benefitted from a key component of the program, which is the coaching piece. I would say tat all of my classmates would agree that thi has been one of teh best take-aways of teh program. gain, I am so forturnate and grateful.

Quick update: We left New Orleans on Friday and flew to Amsterdam (8.5 hours) and then on to Cape Town (10.25 hours). Needless to say, we were exhausted, and so all I could manage when we arrived at midnight was to scribble a few lines in the journal and let Marsha Ambrosius take me on to sleep. After slumbering for 12 1/2 hours ( I am soooo not kidding), I awoke today and met with my advocacy group ( more on that later), and attended a reception, including some of the South African fellows from previous classes, our coaches, and Ambassador James Joseph, who conceived of and is directing the program. I will post pictures from this evening if my wi-fi will cooperate. I am about to get some much needed rest, as tomorrow looks to be a busy day.

Initial observations: The country is absolutely stunning, with beautiful beaches and mountains. The people are nice, and I have twice been mistaken for a native. That feels good. These are beautiful and kind people, and it is interesting to see my ancestors faces in so many, Today, I saw a woman who looked just like my grandmother, and it took my breath away. As an African-American, it is difficult to describe the feeling of connecting with the African part my nationality. And I've been here less that 24 hours!!!!!!!

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