Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More pix

Good morning! Just wanted to post a few pics. From the top: Me at the magic fountain in Pocos de Calda. Folklore has it that if you drink from this spring, you will make a long a happy marriage. I also threw a 25 cent Real in the "other" magic fountain and made another wish. I'll let you know if it works...; hanging out at the pool in Lindoia; Mosavi, our tour guide for the week we were in ABC. She speaks no English, so it was a very interesting week, but miraculously, I understood what she said; hanging with the British GSE team and some exchange students at the conference. These kids are amazing, so self confident and smart. I definitely want my niece and nephew to consider it later on; Luciana and her kids and Felipe; with some of the teachers from Eduardo Gomes at Pocos de Calda, being somebody's angels!

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