Tuesday, June 9, 2009

quick pix

Just posting some pix from the last week. They include my host family in ABC-Sandra, Victor and Estela, our costumes from the Conference (the first and last time that anyone will see me in a cheerleader uniform), our pizza party at the home of Pufe (Poo'-fy), a really cool Rotarian, and views from Santos. As you can see, it is beautiful here, and we are being treated like royalty. Well, I'm off to another day of Rotary.


  1. Love the cheerleader pictures!!! I have an old uniform somewhere, so next Halloween we can be conjoined twin cheerleaders who cheer for rival schools! :) Looks like you're having more fun than should be legal. I'm soooo jealous. I can't wait till you come back and we can catch up.

  2. What is that you're drinking?