Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Evening in Sao Paulo

Well, I am wrapping up my first day in Brazil. Once I got to the home of my hosts, Tais and Renato, I fell into a comatose sleep for a few hours. When I emerged, Tais and I ran some errands. I am a foreigner in a foreign land and everything is so new. Here are my observations. First, there are a number of American companies in Brazil. The gas stations are Exxon, Texaco, Shell, etc. Only in Brasil, you do not pump your own gas. There are attendants at EVERY station. Heaven. I could do a separate post on the drugstores. A virtual smorgasbord! When we returned, Tais and Renato's friends Fernanda, Fabio and Juliana were there and we had Brazilian pizza. I have never had tuna pizza before tonight, but let me tell you, it is wonderful. So are the people. Everyone is so kind. I complemented Fernanda on her nail polish and the next thing I knew, she slipped out and bought me a bottle. Also, the people in Sao Paulo are STUNNING. I mean, I have not seen one person who was not camera ready. Everyone is beautiful and very stylish. The newscasters look like supermodels. The gas station attendants look like they should be on the cover of GQ. There is a reason that Victoria's Secret gets all their models from Brazil. It definitely makes me want to step my game up!
Okay, off to bed, but first, gotta polish my nails! Enjoy the pics. The first is the group, Fernanda, Fabio, Tais, Renato and Juliana, who is Brazilian, but lives in Australia. Then, Fernanda and I with the famous nail polish.


  1. Looking forward to more great stories and pics, have a great trip!

  2. There's no language barrier when it comes to cosmetics & clothes! LOL

  3. Shannan,
    Look at my nails!
    kkkkk kisses!