Saturday, May 23, 2009

TGIF-May 22, 2009

Yesterday was a pretty easy day for us. We had a free morning, so I took advantage of the pool, and then we got started around 1 pm. We went to a school outside of Sao Paulo that teaches kids art and other really cool things like gymnastics and circus skills. They even have a big top! We then had a very easy evening. Tais, Renato and I had Arabic food and watched Back tot he Future. It is one of Renato's favorites! Today should be fun. We go to Liberdade, which is a large Japanese neighborhood in Sao Paulo. Interesting fact: outside of Japan, Brazil has the largest population of Japanese people in the world. Who knew? Tais' birthday party is also today and then tonight, we samba! Pictured is the big top from Projeto Ancardo, some really cute little girls who followed us the whole time (notice the cute little twins), and Ariej and I being kids ourselves.


  1. Wow, the hot pink is a popular color even to the children!

  2. "Outside of Japan, Brazil has the largest population of Japanese in the world." Hmph. Learn something new every day! That's interesting. Love the blog Shannan!