Thursday, May 28, 2009

Samba Girls,part dois

These are the pix from samba. They did not load on the last post for some reason. Today is Thursday 5/28. We are headed to Lindoia for the Rotary District Conference. It should be lots of fun. I am not sure what the wi-fi situation is going to be, so if you don't hear from me, it's only because I haven't found a hot spot. But you know I will look! Thanks for reading, and keep the comments coming.
Tchau for now,


  1. Shan! I'm sorry that I haven't commented sooner, but I wasn't navigating the site very well. I've read all of your posts and I'm so happy for you! This looks like the coolest trip ever and I know you're loving every minute of it! Miss you, girl!

  2. don't you look hot! I'm so glad this trip is turning out to be what you wanted. We look forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Hey,Shan! How's it going? I was looking at all of the beautiful Brazilian people and noticing how much they look like the beautiful folks of Louisiana. Have you learned a lot about the history of slavery in Brazil? I took an interesting class on it last summer, but I'm sure there is so much to learn. Love ya, girl!

  4. OK, ok, ok. You girls look like you're having SUCH fun. We're gonna have to have a demonstation of the samba!

  5. Where you be, Shannan? You too worn out to post? LOL

  6. I missed a few days reading, but I got caught up today. It seems as if you are having great fun! I am ready for a demonstration lesson on the Samba too. Also, learn the receipe for some of the favorite drinks that you have had. I want to try them too.

    Your Mom, Bobbie and I spent a Saturday at the Canton Flea Market. It was hot, but we had fun. We missed you from driving us, but we made it okay (smile).

    I am so happy that you are having so much fun. This is a wonderful experience, even for me.