Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lovely Sao Paulo

Readers, I have arrived. Since I was a little girl (menina) I have had a fascination with South America. I am finally here and it is incredible. I'll try and recap the last few days. My wonderful parents, who I miss already, dropped Crys Allen and I off in Monroe on Friday 5/15 and we attended the Rotary conference. On Friday, we got to hang out with the team from Brazil ( their picture is attached) and enjoyed an evening of bourbon and bluegrass music. It was wonderful, including my discovery of Blue Moon;-) On Saturday we made our presentation and then were whisked off to the airport in Monroe. We flew from Monroe to Houston and then on to Sao Paulo. We arrived this morning. Sao Paulo is two hours ahead of Louisiana, so it's not too bad of a time change. We met the team leader and had a wonderful breakfast reception at her home, and then I went home with my host family, Tais and Renato Mariano. They are a wonderful couple in their early 30's. She is a lawyer (advogado) and he is an economist. They live in a luxurious flat in a high-rise next to a university, which I hope to visit. They have literally opened their home to me, and we are going out later to a bar ( bare) to visit with one of their friends who is home from Australia. They are so nice and warm, and I am going to enjoy getting to know them. Their English is impeccable. My Portuguese, well, I'm working on it, but so far I have managed not to offend! Once we got home, I was able to take a well-needed nap, since plane sleep is not exactly nourishing, and I am watching the most amazing sunset. What I know so far is that we are in Sao Paulo for the next ten days, and we will be visiting universities, newspapers, and many social programs. There are parties in our honor for the next three days on the part of Rotary, or Ho'-ta-dee, as they say here. Then we are on to the next stop, wherever it may be . I feel so blessed to be able to have this opportunity. I believe it is going to change my life in a very positive way! Well, off to a nice shower and a nice evening out. Tomorrow we will be going to make presentations to Rotary and to vocational visits. Of course, I will keep you posted. Enjoy the pics I am posting.


  1. I'm glad you made it safe and sound! I'm trying to bribe MOM for the keys to your BMER!!
    Have fun, and I anxiously await your next post.

  2. Glad you made it there safely! Enjoy every minute! What an awesome opportunity you have been given! Love you!