Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Samba Girls

I really can't explain samba. It is difficult to convey in words how great this dance is. I will let the video of this stunning couple do that work for me. I have also posted pix of two very nice girls who taught us the basics and me having an unbelievably great time.

I am crossing things off my bucket list left and right. I always wanted to samba in Brazil. Now all I have left to do is tango in Argentina! This was a great night. Samba clubs are open from 5p-10p. Although it is a packed house, the crowd is lively but not out of control. Everyone is very respectful of one another. They are there to hear great live music and to samba. And they are serious about it. In Brazil, it seems that men actually ask you to dance and are good at it and respectful and don't think that they own you for the evening over a dance. They are there to enjoy the samba. I barely left the dance floor. I can't remember when I have laughed more, been complimented more or had a more enjoyable time. I will cherish this forever. The couple that you see in the video either do this professionally or are just very good at it. After I filmed them, the woman asked if I'd like to dance with her boyfriend. Now you know that would NEVER happen in the U.S. He was very kind to make me look good on the dance floor, but as you can see from the pix, I still have a problem letting someone else lead. Hey, it's just me being me! I have enclosed a picture of me with the couple as well. As you can see they are both stunningly gorgeous, and so she was totally confident in "loaning" her boyfriend to me for 5 minutes on the dance floor. It made me feel like I was ready for "Dancing With The Stars."!

A fun fact about samba: Every now and then you will see people pour beer on the floor to make it more slick for dancing. That's how serious it is. Enjoy the pix and video!

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